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get down to the big issue of the entitlements. obama is right to -- on the continuing resolution. but then when we resolve that issue -- and i think we will resolve it in some way -- then you have to buy nature get to entitlements. >> you can have a debate -- >> they know it. they are starting to acknowledge it. >> the president said the republicans' cuts are too deep and it threatens a veto. >> let's use a scalpel. >> house speaker john boehner says if the president does not cut deeply, republicans will. >> for the last two years since the president has taken off as the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in it, so be it. we are broke. >> so what? >> they are fighting over this 12%. it the whole game is elsewhere. but like the two political parties -- both the republicans and democrats, while the rest of the country is saying we have a problem with the dead but the two political parties -- >> they are fretting about -- >> maybe they will get to it but they did not show -- >> they are writing about subsidies for poor people an
and president and mrs. barack obama are not on the list. of course they're going for a state visit about a month later. >>> the nation is facing a potential government shutdown like the one that froze the nation in 1995. the senate is out all week for presidents' day recess. they'll return leaving them just five days to strike a deal before march 4th. the senate showdown played out yesterday on "meet the press." >> if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going to meet our obligations for social security checks and paying our troops, that is an utter fail e failure. >> the only way we'll shut the government down is if democratic colleagues keep on insisting the government be large and unsustainable. >> ken strickland is nbc news senate producer and i can't tell you how many just lay members of my family from across the country e-mailed me over the weekend going, are you kidding me? they're not working this week with this shutdown looming in two weeks? explain what's happening behind the scenes. >> the great thing about working in congress is that every s
. president obama used to point to big spender george bush but after putting down his third straight trillion dollar deficit, the president is the one stuck with the big spender label. why would republicans help him lose it? finally, playing hard to get. new jersey governor chris christie is the only republican who beat barack owe baba in the polls but he insists he's just not ready. was he born to run? hi, i'm norah o'donnell. chris matthews is off today. his msnbc special on bill clinton's post presidency airs monday night. we're all looking forward to that. welcome to today. and with us "the washington post"'s howard fineman, kelly o'donnell, constitution cynthia tucker and politico's jon harris. first up, america broke? the urgency of our debt crisis is long talked about but now is really hitting home. on the state level we seen the face-off between governors and public employees. most dramatically out in wisconsin. on the federal level, there's a growing sense of the fury that brought in the tea party might lead to a bipartisan deal on entitlements. here's a graphic that shows the urgenc
have based a $40 billion cuts on president obama's larger budget but since congress never passed the budget they say the democrats overstate the signs of their cuts, as well. >> if you want to make your cuts look big, do them relative to the president. >> congress has taken a week off in observance of presidents' day. the current bill expires march 4th but there is little sense of urgency about the prospect of a government shutdown. >> we're not looking for a government shutdown and negotiations and short term extensions is my guess. >> they want to avoid the repeat of 1995-1996 government shut down and republicans got the blame. but at the party activists is taking the pa blame for another shutdown. >> house speaker says he doesn't want a government shutdown but he won't agree to a temporary spending bill mean the shutdown may depend on how much they cut when congress gets back. >> brett: a suicide bombing in northern afghanistan killed at least 30 people at a government office. noontime attack wounded 40. many of the people that were hit were in line to obtain government identi
. donald rumsfeld gets into a skirmish with a tv anchor over whether president obama has improved america's reputation in the world. have you seen this? >> the president's supporters say that in two years he's been able to return this country to a status of being liked across the world in a way that america was not liked during the bush administration. >> i think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for america. megyn: and it did not end there. the tape and the debate on what donald rumsfeld said with our political panel coming up. and this is what is left of a fun house after a powerful windstorm lifted it off the ground and threw it into a nearby house. wait until you hair what happened to the children who were playing inside and what they were doing in there in the first place. moms and dads, listen up. it's the sound that no passenger wants to hear while flying -- a giant explosion. the incredible story of what happened on this delta jet. >> everything was going fine. i noticed that there was a little bit more vibration than normal and then there was a boom and we knew that s
in charge barack obama. number six franklin delano roosevelt. then george washington. john kennedy. number three bill clinton. and abraham lincoln at number two. greatest president in history is ronald reagan. keep in mind these are not historian rankings. should insist before anybody participates, please list the presidents and then fix best. don't go with the ones you can remember. like the movie of all time is the one i just went to. we'll be right back. ark in harlem, fund a local business in chicago, expand green energy initiatives in seattle. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. >>> welcome back to "hardball". congress pulled an all nighter on friday night to pass a budget bill that would cut $60 billion in spending. it was a party line vote and the cuts themselves look like party line cuts. a lot of them are things that republicans thereof hate, planned parenthood, national endowment for tarts, expenses for the policy czars in the obama administration, the environmental protection agency and of course fu
&a", former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. tomorrow on "washington journal" several guests discussed obama's 2012 budget requests. there is a targeted program for spending cuts with coling, national fuel fund's executive director. pete outline hidden taxes that he believes are hidden in the budget. then, a discussion on how taxes are hidden in the budget with james thurber. >> i asked you to come here this evening so we could immediately hear a person and report from the secretary of state regarding the negotiations going on in europe. >> you can look at this as a historical curiosity. this is a forerunner of today's managed news. >> find out something you did not know about the 43 men that served as president. they are all free online. watch what you want when you want. up next, highlights from question period in the canadian house of commons. they question the prime minister on the questions of the day. cabinet ministers took questions on canada's border security and a task on the canadians travelling to the united states by air and sea. there are questions about whether the canadian gov
, michigan, an arab- american. your perspective? >> i have watched the news very diligently. barack obama has a very high approval rating internationally. and there is a large cast in the cia. by friends and i feel that this is an effort by the obama administration and the cia. that they are behind these uprisings. i am very happy and have confidence in the days event and what he is doing. i know that this whole episode is an effort to free middle eastern dictatorship. we are very happy here. dinky. -- thank you. host: where are you from, originally? caller: arabia. host: rachel is a democrat from beaufort, south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am all right. caller: we went into iraq and killed 4000 and lost 4000 of our people. with my children were there. we killed over 100,000 people in that country. now, here we go again. you have got people sleeping outdoors. you have not even clean up new orleans. but let's go and do some more killing. the united states lies in their hands are dripping in blood. i pray that we change and leave people alone. post of febr
issue of barack obama? president obama praised you back in 2007. the fact is barack obama is quietly supporting rahm emanuel, his former chief of staff. >> barack obama did not do a formal endorsement of rahm emanuel. barack obama supported me in 2007 in my race for city clerk. i served with barack obama for eight years in the illinois senate. i'm pleased with the fact that he decided not to do a formal endorsement in this race. he realizes this election should be decided by the voters in the neighborhoods of the city of chicago, not by endorsements nor by the millions of dollars that have come from will the the gentlewoman yield and wall street and washington, d.c. in support of rahm emanuel and other candidates in this race. >> one of the quotes you gave to the "chicago sun times" was when rahm emanuel was hiding under his desk because of his friendship with the clintons, i was doing the heavy lifting. i was the first latino to endorse barack obama for senate. i know i have earned the president's praise. he has spoken highly of my work in chicago's neighborhoods. do you feel the pr
. gloria, the conventional wisdom has it that the government shutdown would help president obama politically, like the one back in '95 helped bill clinton politically. does that conventional wisdom hold in this case given the mood of the country. >> well, you know, at this point, i think what voters voted for is the congress and the president to work together and get something done, wolf, and if you go to the brink on this and you have a government shutdown, sure, perhaps president obama and democrats could benefit a bit from it, but overall, independent voters do not like this brinksmanship. they want it to end. that's what they vote for. you know, when they voted democrats out of office, it wasn't a mandate for the republicans per se. it was a mandate to get something done, so i actually think it's in neither side's interest right now to shut this government down, and it sounds like, if you listen, the leaders of both parties and the president don't want to do it. i think the wild card here, wolf, are the 87 new republican house freshman who may say -- who may not have been thr
the nature or color how the branch operates. >> some of the progress of challenges to the obama health care plan -- the media has really played up that all of the judges who struck it down are republicans and all of the judges who upheld it are democrats. doesn't that create a public perception that politics does affect the outcome with judges? >> you mean the comments that people make? >> the comments that we read in the media. based on whether the judge is deciding the case were appointed by a democrat or a republican -- s the -- -- the judges deciding the case were appointed by a democrat or republican. among people say all kinds of foolish things -- >> people say all kinds of foolish things. i do not really care. unless it affects reality. this has not happened in california. it has not been politicized, as best i can tell. it has been quite collegial. federal judges often languished for years in the senate, awaiting confirmation. that process -- by the time it gets in the end -- they feel like they have some approval. it has not been the case. i have a number of colleagues who waited m
balanced. >> chris: president obama stepped into the controversy this week. let's look at what he said. >> some of what i have heard coming out of wisconsin where you are just making it harder for public employee collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. >> chris: you said that the president should focus on balancing his own budget. order that, do you feel that his stepping into a state collective bargaining rights issue is inappropriate and what do you think of his political arm, organizing form america taking a role in organizing some of the opposition. >> i think the president should stay focused even fixing the federal budget because they have their happens full and are a long way from getting it accomplished in washington. the thousands of protesters here this past week have every right to be heard. at least those from wisconsin. increasingly as you just alluded to this there are more than more coming in from other states across the country. for those here from wisconsin, they have every right to be heard. we had workers that weren't here and we have
obama. that is to me the key political fact in the country, that coalition. if that weren't there, hillary clinton f she were still senator of this state up in new york would be the lightning rod for every middle east problem, every economic problem. she would be the way ted kennedy was back with jimmy carter. the party would be split. and the fact that it is not split i think is key to its success, and its possibility of winning a significant re-election. if they weren't united as they are, i don't think they would be winning next time. >> rose: do you think if she was in the senate now. >> the things that have happened she might be positions herself to challenge. >> not to challenge but even if she didn't, she would be positioned to inevitably play the role of critic because it would just come to her it would be the automatic role for somebody like that. and as it is, because she's part of the team and done this perfect job so far, bill clinton's part of the team, it's really that, i don't know if i said this before to you, but i think it reminded me of ago an alda and jimmy smi
bloomberg news. so ryan, president obama comes to silicon valley and then he goes up to oregon. a lot of to do, though not a lot of press coverage. why did he really come here? >> officially it was for a talk about innovation and jobs. other people think that maybe he's here to raise money. but, obviously, the big news coming out of the meeting was that facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg owns a suit. usually he's in t-shirts and hoodies. so that was the big news that people were discussing today about the photo that came out of it. >> there was another photo with steve jobs as well who is on leave, medical leave. and there he was hob knobbing with all the people. >> he looked apparently healthy. >> my invitation got lost in the mail. couldn't make it. the valley is doing well on its own. a lot of private companies are growing on their own without government intervention. it seems like he could learn something from them about what's driving their businesses. >> what they say in the valley is they want federal money for technological innovation and he is saying the government ought t
and national landmarks. now, with the economy still fragile, president obama is warning this time could be worse. >> be destabilizing at a time when i think everybody is hopeful that we can start growing this economy quicker. >> reporter: but with debt and deficits at record levels, this time, republicans think the public is behind them. >> look, we are not looking for a government shutdown, but at the same time, we are also not looking at rubber-stamping these really high elevated spending levels that congress blew through the joint two years ago. >> reporter: lester this could be the battle in a year-long fight over spending. the government is expected to exceed its statutory debt limit of $14.3 trillion, in about two months and republicans say they wouldn't vote to raise it unless there are bigger cuts in spending. lester? >> mike viqueira, thanks. for more on this i want to bring in john harwood, chief washington correspondent for cnbc. john, republicans say slashing the budget was the mandate voters gave them in november and we heard they are not going to agree to even a temporary
systems. as obama says, we need to start uttering healing words. president obama said that at the tucson memorial. we have to start uttering healing words to one another instead of wounding words. what we are trying to do is create systems -- school systems and juvenile justice system is that he'll instead of juvenile justice systems and school systems that continue to wound our youth. >> can i just say something about the systems of discipline in schools? so that before it even gets to the place where it is an issue, is that those systems definitely need changing. the question that parents need to ask when they have been told that their child has been involved in some misbehavior is to ask what was happening? what were the conditions? what were the circumstances? what were the antecedence that led to this behavior? because if we do not fix those, we will seed the systems you talk about. [applause] it is amazing how many young people can be turned back from negative behavior if the situation is appropriately addressed in schools. looking at the circumstances that give rise to boredom and
: president obama has urged compromise. with the debt at record levels, republicans think this time, the public is behind them. with the clock ticking and neither side ready to blink, we could find out. if there were a government shutdown, military would stay active. new applicants to social security could see delays. >>> in wisconsin, protests are expected to resume at the state house in madison. prounion are protesting against a bill to stril employees their right for collective bargaining. teachers retu teachers -- democratic lawmakers refuse to return until they say they can negotiate on the bill. >>> kwame brown is catching heat for costing the city $1,900 a month for car rentals, this is the second vehicle the city is paying for, the first was returned because it didn't have the right interior color. brown told the post, he accepts full responsibility for the situation. >>> in the midwest, winter is far from over. blizzard-like conditions are causing delays at local airports. reagan national airport, several flights to detroit and minneapolis are cancelled orb delayed this mor
para obama le permite saber cÓmo resolver los problemas. esta elecciÓn no se trata de mi y de ninguno de los candidatos sino de chicago. >> para declararse un ganador tendrÁ que obtener la mitad de los votos. si no habrÁ una segunda vuelta. >> josÉ miguel insulza dijo que no depende de Él sino de un permiso del gobierno venezolano poder entrar al paÍs para asistir a los universitarios en huelga de hambre. incluye las reacciones del para de - palacio de miraflores y su gabinete. >> los 13 jÓvenes universitarios permanecen firmes para pedir que ingrese el secretario general dÉla oea al paÍs y que se liberen a los estudiantes. - de la >> rechacemos este intento de utilizar a los jÓvenes venezolanos para generar inestabilidad. >> el gobierno no estÁ dispuesto a acordar. >> la huelga de hambre ha tenido cobertura internacional. en caracas dos huelgas mÁs llevan a cabo, son trabajadores de la industria petrolera, llevan 33 dÍas de hambre. >> tenemos dos aÑos despedidos y todavÍa no nos han regenteado. >> desde la muerte del agricultor en defensa de su propiedad, esta protes
". 3 president obama -- swinging the x at non- spending in his 2012 budget -- including small business programs. obama says: "what my budget does is to put forward some tough choicee... significant spending cuts. so what we've done is we've taken a scalpel to the discretionary budget rather than a machete." the president proposed cutting the budget of the small business administration by 45% in 2012 as washington struggles to bring trillion dollar deficits under control. that would take its budget doww to $985 million froo $1.8 billion in 2010 and cut the agency's workforce by 150 people along with some programs. the president's bbdget included $400 billion in cuts in non-security discretionary spending across many departments and agencies over the next 10 years. sba administrator karen mills said quote "we have to tighten our belts, too."o/c: while sba may be facing cutbacks private banks are innreasing lending to small business according to paynet a loan data collection company. paanet says the lending is rising because it's good business for banks. among oth
: but no room in the abby for the obamas or president sarkozy of france or his wife carla bruni. apparently, kanye west's name is on the door. william's a big fan. and thumbs up, too, for sir elton john. and harry is bringing chelsy davy. kate's pre-william fellow, yes, william's first love, yes, both on the list. william's aunt fergie, a snub. she fell out with diana and suffered some lurid headlines. >> he's not prepared to bury the hatchet with her. and frankly, i think the thought of her sitting in the pews with the rest of the world that day was too much. >> reporter: kate's black sheep uncle gary is coming. >> he's a millionaire exposed by the newspaper allegedly taking cocaine. >> reporter: 1900 guilt-edged invites were sent for the westminster abbey service. 600 of the guests will go on for lunch thrown by the queen and an intimate 300 will dine and dance that night at the palace. >> there will be foreign royals. the king of bahrain was invited before his troops opened fire on democracy protesters. there will be politicians, charity workers and william's military buddies. he's getti
outreach from president obama, national security adviser, secretary of state clinton urging that restraint and encouraging what is now transpiring which seems to be the pull back of the military forces, and now real effort to engage the opposition in a broad based dialogue that will enable the people's aspiration to be discussed. >> can the government survive in bahrain? >> david, i wouldn't want to be in the business of predictions in this very volatile environment. we've seen change so rapidly. what we're encouraging governments in the region to do is recognize this is a yearning for change and reform. it needs to be respected. they need to get ahead of it by leading rather than being pushed. >> among our arab allies, according to diplomat its talked to they criticize what they see as inconsistencies on the part of mr. aviation. by his actions the magazine writes mr. obama put other authoritarian allies on notice. he thinks that even pro western autocracies that fail to reform deserve to die. but how much reform? how many people are enough? to judge by the gale rat technology arab world
to president obama when he talks about investment. >> an investment that will protect our security and every business can write off the full cost of new investments. we'll make sure that it's fully paid for, attract private investors. reduce barriers to growth and investments. all of these investments. we can make the investments we need to win the future. >> mike: and that's it, let me explain this. some time ago i took some of my own money and i bought sm stock in apple computers, it was my money and if apple continues to do well and i get a profit. guess what i get the increase, but if apple mismanages what people like me and others give them and people quit buying i-pads ap iphones and mac books then i lose. now, that's the dynamics of an investment. what if i took your money against your will and then i spent it? that's not an investment. i'm tempted to say by most definitions it's theft, but government has the legal authority to exact money from you, even if you don't like it or agree with it, it's called a tax. when they spend it it's not an investment unless you get the return. with
. the showdown now between president obama and congressional republicans over the federal deficit. carol costello is in washington with our talk back question. we remember the government shutdown back in the clinton days. republicans paid for it then because they were in charge. do we really think this could happen again? >> it could happen. the specter of a government shutdown does loom. the republican-led house of representatives passed a budget bill with $61 billion in cuts. the democratic-led senate is sure to reject it. you get the picture. republicans and democrats are in the midst of political warfare again, but at least they don't have to fight in the office. congress is not just taking president's day off but president's week off. but lawmakers assure us they are working the phones. that's fantastic because if congress doesn't reach an agreement by march 4th, the government will shut down. that could mean delays in social security checks, military veterans' checks, issuing passports and nonessential federal workers will not get paid. in a bit of political gamesmanship, barbara boxer and
reveals how they worked from rigged polls to fox. and should president obama do more to stand with workers protesting in wisconsin? i think so. former governor ed rendell weighs in next. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. with reese's peanut butter cups every delicious cookie is crammed to the core with chocolate peanut buttery goodness... ♪ chips ahoy! crammed with joy! ♪ somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live a
had to have about obama's nobel peace prize? it's way too ely for this. good morning. i'm mike barnacle in for willie geist. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius/xm radio. shoot me an e-mail at way too and let you know why you're awake right now. or do what rummi does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. and we'll read the best intons responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, february 21st. there's a lot going on today, including the latest on the four americans being held hostage by somali pirates. >>> plus, a shocker at the daytona 500, as a kid, i think he was 11 years old, stunned the sport's biggest names. full highlights from that race later in sports. first, let's get to the news live here at 5:00 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. large protests are expected to continue at the wisconsin state capital today against a bill that would slash collective bargaining rights for public employees. that's despite a call by union leaders urg
to a jury. blagojevich is accused with trying to sell barack obama's vacant senate seat. >>> police in south africa are investigating the death of a newborn at oprah winfrey's johannesburg academy for girls. the 17-year-old mother gave birth at the school. the baby's body was found in a plastic bag. it is not clear if the baby was born dead. we are awaiting the outcome of the police investigation. while at the same time respecting and protecting the lerner's privacy. the academy strives to ensure the health and well being of all of our learners and we are providing counseling services accordingly. >>> the royal wedding invites are in the mail. we'll tell you which big names get one and the big names who don't. >>> the tablet wars. apple has the ipad, microsoft has the xoom. which one gives you the most bang for the buck. here is presidential trivia for you. who was the tallest u.s. president and who was the shortest? we'll give you the answers in three minutes. when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions
las encuestas, el exjefe de jabinete de barack obama. y miguel del valle, actual secretario municipal, quien dijo que aÚn se siente confiado. >> yo no cuento con encuestas. desde lo mÁs importante es la reacciÓn de los votantes en los barrios y esa reacciÓn a mi campaÑa ha sido muy positiva. >> por su parte, abogado de profesiÓn, dijo que como exjefe de personal de chicago sabe cÓmo balancear un presupuesto y resolver los problemas. >> primero los empleos. la gente necesita empleos. dos: crimen. necesitamos calles que tengan seguridad. >> por su parte, dice que haber trabajado para bill clintoni-fds de los problemas y cÓmo resolverlos. >> esta elecciÓn no se trata de mÍ ni de ningununde los candidatos si no i-fds lateunivv preocupaciones de desempleo y educaciÓn de chicago. >> para declararse ganador un candidato este martes va a tener que obtener mÁs del 50 % de los votos, de no ser asÍ, sin embargo, estÁ pautado que el 5 de abril ocurrirÍa la segunda vuelta. en chicago, illinos, univisiÓn. >> andrÉs manuel lÓpez obrafrador excandidato presidencial ha decidido aleja
and held productive talks with president obama. both our leaders declared their commitment to building a cooperative the partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefits. his visit is important and will surely give new impetus to the overall development of our bilateral relations. in all 50 states, the state of california and san francisco, in particular, will benefit from this. this year is also a remarkable year for san francisco. for the first time in its 162- year history, you have and we have four asian american supervisors. and the first time in history, we have a chinese-american mayor. it is not only, i think, a recognition of asian americans, chinese americans, but of the contribution to the overall development to the city, and also, a vivid expression of the cultural makeup of san francisco which made the city so dynamic, strong and beautiful. ladies and gentlemen, the chinese counsel stands ready to work with you in the future to work and make san francisco -- as mere ly said -- the best gateway to china. i thank you for your attention and i wish everyone a very happy
just think obama is going to meet jesus. do you know what he said to me? i could think of worse things that can happen. he is not a christian. i can tell. if he was, he would want all of his rulers to be christians, and as far as i know, he did not get born again, but i was thinking that will be a perfect time for obama to this date, on abraham lincoln's birthday, a spiritual way on the very day that abraham lincoln came into this world. i think of the ramifications of that. he would shut down guantanamo bay, stop the torture, stop planned parenthood. sometimes, i pray for hillary clinton. i think about the ramifications if she got born again. that would be so awesome. she was satisfied bill. all he would have to do is a wink at her, and she would died on the bed, knowing her christian obligation to satisfy him. as far as the cfr goes, she would spurn it. you can watch her kiss of to the council on foreign relations and thank them for giving her directions. absolutely amazing. she would say, "no way. i'm a christian now. i'm going to serve the lord jesus as a senator and call for a new
discussion monday with gadafi express deep concern with the escalating violence there. the obama administration is also expressing the same concerns and condemning the violence in libya. in the newsroom, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right. thank you. and similar unrest continues to grow in other parts of the middle east. video posted on youtube shows panic protesters running from police on motorcycles yesterday in the city of shiraz, iran. protests have broken out in mor rocco. they're continuing in yemen. next month's formula one race has been called off because of all the protests. the uprising in the middle east have shown the u.s. government the power of the internet to spread democracy. >> we want to use it to rebut some of the falsehoods and accusations unfortunately made against the united states. mostly we want to be in the mix with this incredible young, energetic population, that is seeking the same rights to express themselves as young people the united states see. >> middle east scholars say the power of the non-violate protests in egypt forcing the president out of o
for all of us with obama in the administration. i'm personally very proud of the work that he has done, that we have done here in san francisco among a wide array of voters and to be elected by what many consider the last batchtyon of president african-american community in after, it is a special honor to be here today buff. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mirkarimi is here with us but before he calms -- comes up -- comes up i want to mention ralph lewin, with the california huh-uh -- humanities council here with us also. we have a number of other elected and appointed officialed and at i said to them earlier, i was ansigned the task of introducing -- i was ansigned the tasking introducing them and don't have the list but i was specifically threatened bim dr. torea moses if i didn't many introduce him. ing [laughter] or without further ado, supervisor ross mirkarimi. >> i'll make my statements we -- very quick. i just came out of charing the public safety committee meeting. there's a lot be to talk about. i want to say another happy congratulations on black hi
the obama health care plan. government does not have the foggiest clue what is happening amongst governments. that is what i am worried about. technology is such that widens the gap. we know less about each other in this fragmented media landscape. >> the audience is now welcome to ask a question. if you have one, please line up over here. right here on the fourth row. perfect. let's take a question. ok. >> two quick questions, mr. eldon. publishers of old media do not desire diverse viewpoints. i knew that the panel would consist of whites and a couple of token black females before i left my apartment. my workplace, there are more eyeballs every time "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" combine over a 24 hour time period. you are biased as well. do not say that times are bad. i hear that around the world. russia, bangladesh. do you? >> radical web sites supporting puppets. >> let's address diversity. a thank-you. he mentioned, i guess, paraphrasing, there's not much diversity in the local media. sandy, what would you like to say about -- maybe i should ask one of the professor
, and our churches, where the movement began, in our churches. i still feel that barack obama is doing the best he can for one man, from what he inherited from the other administration. [applause] >> thank you. first, i would like to say thank you to awele and the san francisco unified school district and the african american center and everyone else involved in bringing this program to the san francisco public library on black history month. secondly, you were speaking about the constructing the narrative paradigm, okay? what indicators and trends? because of your work that you have done in the prison systems, particularly with young people and older african-american males -- since they are under attack, what indicators would you like to see work on first? because it has to be a start somewhere. we can all start in different places, but what can we do collectively to start making change? >> excellent question. the sister just a little while ago talked about breaking the public school to prison pipeline. that is one concrete thing that we can focus our energy on. i know there are folks
, barack obama and democrats on capitol hill said we won, so we can do whatever we want. >> yes. >> they get thrashed because you have elections as russ feingold said to "the times," there are elections every two years. republicans need to understand that 2010 is not the last election they will ever have. >> you talk about losing the war. the story is playing out on the national stage with lindsey graham criticizing president obama for weighing in on the controversy last week. >> i think the president should be focusing on what we're doing in washington, the president talks about wisconsin. i think that's -- that really is inappropriate. the governor of wisconsin is doing what he campaigned on. >> i don't know. dick durbin had a different point of view. listen to senator durbin. >> this governor of wisconsin is not setting out just to fix a budget. he's setting out to break a union. that is a major move in terms of american history. i believe the president should have weighed in. i think we should all weigh in, do the right thing for wisconsin's budget but do not destroy decades
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